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Cloud Group LLC, Thomas Scherr, Managing Member, has the knowledge, staff and effective solutions from over 25 years of professional experience in real estate investing.

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Also, Seeking investors interested in 30% passive income, secured by real estate.

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Selling Your House…. Fast!

Selling your house but don’t know where to start?  If you want to sell your house fast, you have come to the right place. We Buy as-is and pay all closing costs, or take over payments (savings your credit), or giving you a fair price all cash for your home. 

Here at Cloud Group LLC, we solve all your problems. With over 25 years of experience in real estate in Maryland and the mid-Atlantic region, we can guarantee you a quick out to selling your home – in all cash. Leave all your problems to us! Call us today at 443-204-3380!

The first step

We’re here to help you!  Call us today at 443-204-3380 or fill out the brief form below!

Geography doesn’t matter

Wherever your house is located doesn’t matter to us. We buy homes and commercial properties throughout the mid-Atlantic. 

Get a fair offer instantly

You don’t have to worry about pricing or any subsequent finance-related issues with Cloud Group LLC.

If you go through a Realtor, there’s a chance they will set the price of your property too high. This is a common practice and allows your Realtor to earn a larger percentage from the sale of your property. This practice may lead to your property sitting on the market for longer, which is not ideal.  Let us buy your home quickly, call 443-204-3380.

Sell your house.. fast!

No one wants the process of selling a property to take long.  A quick, cash sale frees you from the worry of maintenance, upkeep, taxes, insurance, damage from leaks/faulty electric/weather, and even vandalism.  This is precisely why you need to find the right cash buyer immediately.  If you use a Realtor, after 90 days of a house being on the market and not getting sold, Realtors will term it ‘stale’. A common assumption is made when a house is on the market for too long. This assumption is that there must be something wrong with the house, which is why it is not getting sold. It is just human psychology to think you don’t want something someone else doesn’t want.

With Cloud Group LLC, you don’t need to worry about any of that. We have the resources to make the transaction a win/win solution.

Houses for sale near my location

If you are wondering if the market is saturated and there are too many houses for sale right now, it is never a factor for us to buy your home or commercial property immediately. 

We save you the time it would take to scope out the competition. If there is another house up for sale on your street or even in your vicinity, we check out the specifics. Once we get an estimate of the size and condition of your property, we will offer you a fair buy-out price, or another solution that solves your situation.

How quickly can I get paid?

Normally, market saturation and other factors affect the time on the market for a house. Location is one. No matter what the normal concerns of buyers may be: including the school district, the lack of other attractions near the house (such as restaurants, hospitals, or parks), employment rates in the area, or lack of large companies that hire a lot of people–we want to buy your property no matter the level of neighborhood desirability. Cloud Group LLC are trained professionals and have been pricing houses for years.  Call 443-204-3380.

Bidding wars are over

When there were multiple people wanting to buy houses, there were what are called a bidding war. You did not need to be directly involved in this. Bidding wars could increase the price of properties, and for a while it may have even exceeded the original price as well. 

Payment in cash

If your property was involved in a bidding war, a good way to settle it is to ask Cloud Group LLC to make an offer paying in cash. Whoever can pay the highest amount and pay it all in cash can purchase the property. This will also prove to you that we are serious buyers, and will not waste any further of your time in selling your house fast. It will also help speed up the process, as a lender will not need to be involved in an all-cash property purchase. There are many other benefits of selling in cash too. It is a great way to get your hands on cash if you need it, and do not want to get into the hassle of applying for a loan or borrowing some.  Call today:  443-204-3380.

Selling your house without a Realtor

When you don’t want to give up 6 or 7% of the sale when selling with a Realtor, that is why you want to look for a cash buyer.  Many offers you may get through Realtors will include repairs you must make, warranties you must purchase, or worse.  You may have to wait on some contingency for the buyer’s previous home to sell. This alone could take months or longer. The buyer’s financing could fall through, and many other factors could kill the sale, even though you’ve waited months to go to settlement and get paid, or just get out of the hassle of maintaining the property. Even good contracts can take 6 weeks or more to go to settlement. Why wait, when our company will buy your house in cash – and settle fast.  You’ll have no Realtor fees, no attorney fees, no inspection fees.  We buy as-is.

Benefits of selling privately

There are many pros to using a cash buyer.  Selling privately to a cash buyer saves you the hassle of involving a lender for the financial side of things. Also you will not have to stage your house and invite over strangers in the hopes that someone may like your house enough to buy it.  Cloud Group LLC buys your house in whatever state it is, so you will not have to give your home a makeover either.  Call us today at 443-204-3380.

Working with the right cash buyer

At Cloud Group LLC, we have over 25 years of professional experience in real estate. Being in the industry for that long comes with its perks. We have access to the cash to make a quick offer and a quick settlement. We are all about solutions which will make your life easier when trying to sell your home.

Getting the best possible price

A layman would not know how to get the best price when selling their house. This is because it requires special expertise that only comes with experience and developing the right skill set. When you decide you want to sell your home, you don’t sign up to become a Realtor, inspector, or stager first, or take a few courses on those skills. The best thing you can do as a seller is pick the right cash buyer for your home. Cloud Group LLC has been in the industry for 25 years! We specialize in buying your home fast and in all-cash offers.  Call 443-204-3380.

Are you ready to sell?

Selling the house you’ve lived in can be emotional, especially if you have been living there for decades. It is hard to let go of all the memories. Perhaps your daughter took her first steps in that house, or you got a job promotion the same week you moved in. However, it is time to let all of that go once you decide you want to sell your house. The memories will still live in your mind, but it’s time to get down to work now.

Or perhaps you’ve inherited a home or commercial property that you’ve never seen, and one far from where you live. Selling to a cash buyer takes away all the hassle of travel and accommodations, just to meet with Realtors, inspectors, repairmen, etc.  Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it when you can settle on a property without leaving your home. 

Don’t worry about first impressions

There is a saying that goes, ‘first impressions are the last impressions’.. and come on, there has to be some truth to that, right? When selling your home traditionally, you’d want people to see a spotless home without any nasty odors, grease or dirt on the kitchen surfaces and floors, etc.  Traditional buyers also want to see de-clutter home. When selling as-is, you don’t even have to pick up your son’s toys from the living room, put all your shoes back in the closet, or hide the dog’s food bowls or the cat litter box.

Lighting isn’t critical

Don’t bother investing in light bulbs and lamps.  We buy homes that would even look ‘gloomy’ and ‘sad’ to potential buyers.

Don’t even think about the fixtures

People who are visiting your home for sale will be looking at things such as the appliances, plumbing fixtures, the locks, cracks in the flooring, or walls and doors that squeak. Getting a handyman to survey your house and do the necessary repairs is time-consuming. Selling as-is eliminates the hassle of finding a reputable handyman that you can trust to do a good job and not overcharge you.  Call us today at 443-204-3380.


Selling your home is no easy feat, but with a company like Cloud Group LLC on your side, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Our experts can guide you on the best price for your home, and get you an all-cash offer on top of that. Count on us to make your transition from your old home to your new home the smoothest you’ve ever had.

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